Municipal Development Plan Survey

November 2018

This confidential survey is being conducted on behalf of the Village of Ryley as the village begins to create a new plan for its future.

Draw Prize: Though this survey is anonymous, there is space at the end to provide your name and contact information. There will be a random draw of completed surveys following the conclusion of the survey. Village staff and council will not get the surveys and will not see the names. We have hired a firm to conduct the survey and provide the village with the results.

Deadline: All surveys must be returned to the village office by December 1.


The Government of Alberta has informed all municipalities that they need to have a Municipal Development Plan (MDP) in place. This is new for the Village of Ryley and it represents a great opportunity for residents to have input and give direction about what our village will look like in 25 years or more.

The MDP will be Ryley’s guiding document for growth. It explains the community’s vision for the future and provides a road map to achieve that vision.

Your input will be used to help determine:

  • How the villages uses undeveloped land
  • Future transportation networks
  • Environmental and heritage resource management
  • Development of utilities
  • How the municipality funds growth and development

Click here to take online survey.

Notice of Public Hearing

Proposed bylaw to adopt the Equity Industrial Park ASP and proposed bylaws to amend the IDP, MDP, LUB

Proposed Bylaw #18-1063 is a bylaw that proposes to adopt an updated Equity Industrial Park Area Structure Plan (EIP ASP) in Beaver County. The purpose of the EIP ASP is to provide a future vision, development objectives and policy direction to establish the logical expansion of the EIP.

As part of the EIP ASP update process in Beaver County, the County is also amending applicable portions of the Ryley-Beaver Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP), the County Municipal Development Plan (MDP) and the County Land Use Bylaw (LUB) to ensure alignment. The Municipal Government Act outlines the need for these statutory plans to be consistent with one another.

Beaver County Council has passed 1st reading to these bylaws (#18-1061, #18-1062, #18-1063 and #18-1064). The Village of Ryley Council has passed 1st reading to the same Ryley-Beaver IDP bylaw (#2018-09-24). The proposed amendments to the Ryley-Beaver IDP and MDP include minor text and map amendments to align with the proposed EIP ASP policy areas.

The proposed amendments to the LUB include two (2) new land use districts with new permitted and discretionary uses, text and map amendments to align with the proposed EIP ASP policy areas. The proposed new land use districts are:

  • IL – Business/Light Industrial District
  • IM – Medium Industrial District

The following parcels in the EIP will be rezoned as follows:

RI (Rural Industrial) to IL (Business/Light Industrial):

  • Plan 122 2575; Block 2; Lots 2 to 7

RI (Rural Industrial) to IM (Medium Industrial):

  • Plan 082 9997; Block 2; Lot 1
  • Plan 042 7065; Block 1; Lots 1 to 3
  • Plan 042 7065; Block 1; Lot 4 PUL
  • Plan 092 5792; Block 3; Lot 1
  • Plan 122 2575; Block 3; Lots 2 to 4

RI (Rural Industrial) to IE (Low Impact Eco-Friendly Industrial):

  • NW 3-50-17-W4

LC (Landfill and Composting) to IM (Medium Industrial):

  • Plan 152 4895; Block 4; Lot 1
  • NE 3-50-17-W4


How do I comment?

Interested stakeholders wishing to comment on the proposed bylaws will have an opportunity to do so at the public hearing, however, it is requested that a copy of the written comments be sent by 4:30 PM on Tuesday, November 6, to Beaver County by email to, by fax 780-663-3730, or by mail to Box 140, Ryley, AB or to the Village of Ryley (for IDP only) by email to, by fax 780-663-3541 or by mail to Box 230, Ryley, AB, T0B 4A0.

All submissions will be public information, subject to the provisions of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

For further information, please contact:
Jessica Lui
Development Officer


Interested stakeholders are invited to hear arguments for and against the proposed bylaws at the public hearing scheduled on:

Tuesday, November 13 at 6:30 PM
Royal Canadian Legion
5121 – 50 Street, Ryley
(across from the County office)

Proposed Rezoning in the EIP (#18-1064 – LUB Amendment)

Planning & Development

Intermunicipal Development Plan IDP

An IDP is a statutory planning document which is prepared by neighboring municipalities to ensure that development within two or more municipalities reflects the common interests of all the municipalities involved, and sets out a joint vision for future development and land use issues.

Ryley/Beaver County IDP Amendment Bylaw 2018-932
Ryley/Beaver County IDP
Tofield/Beaver County IDP
Holden/Beaver County IDP
Viking/Beaver County IDP

Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework ICF

Municipalities that share a common boundary must create an ICF with each other. This framework provides for integrated and strategic planning, delivery, and funding of intermunicipal services. It lists services currently provided by neighboring municipalities and identifies how, if at all, intermunicipal services will be delivered and funded.

Ryley/Beaver County ICF
Tofield/Beaver County ICF
Holden/Beaver County ICF
Viking/Beaver County ICF

Municipal Development Plan MDP

Our MDP is a high-level blueprint showing how the Village of Ryley expects to change over time and the shape it will take in the future. The MDP outlines our long-term land use policies, the manner and proposals for future development, and the municipal services and facilities in the entire municipality.

Municipal Development Plan

Land Use Bylaw LUB

The LUB implements the policies of the IDP and MDP by regulating and controlling the use and development of land and buildings within the Village of Ryley. It outlines how plans must be prepared and adopted to achieve orderly, economical, and beneficial development. The LUB is intended to maintain and enhance the natural resources by minimizing possible negative impacts of development while, at the same time, facilitating public access and enjoyment.

Land Use Bylaw

Policies and Bylaws related to planning, subdivision, and development

Below is a listing of the Village of Ryley’s Policies which are taken into consideration, where applicable, in land use planning or development decisions. The policies are used in conjunction with the statutory plans adopted by the Village of Ryley, including, but not limited to: Intermunicipal Development Plans, Municipal Development Plan, Area Structure Plans, Land Use Bylaw, and Development Standards.

Bylaw Enforcement Officer Bylaw 2020-946
Intermunicipal Subdivision & Development Appeal Board Bylaw 2020-945
Subdivision Authority Bylaw 2007-06-03
Cancellation of Subdivision Bylaw 2018-929
Sanitary Sewer Services Bylaw 2017-924
Property Planning Committee Bylaw 2016-919
Inter-municipal Development Plan Amendment Bylaw 2012-890
Intermunicipal Assessment Review Board Bylaw 2020-943

Alberta Builder Licensing. All residential home builders are required to have a licence when they go to obtain a building permit for a new home. Builder licensing applies to the construction of new homes to which the New Home Buyer Protection Act applies, including condominiums. For more information visit

Builder Licensing FAQ
Builder Licensing Application Process
Information for Builders – Builders Licence
NEW 2019 Building & Electrical Code Changes

For cost of permits and amendments please see the Master Rates Bylaw in our bylaws section. If you have any questions about this or any other Village Bylaw please contact the Village Office at 780-663-3653 or email

Development & Demolition Permit Application – Village of Ryley
Plumbing Permit Application – Inspections Group Inc.
Gas Permit Application – Inspections Group Inc.
Electrical Permit Application – Inspections Group Inc.
Building & Demolition Permit Application – Inspections Group Inc.
Manufactured Home Move Out or In Application – Village of Ryley
Roadside Development Application for Roadside Development Near A Primary Highway – Alberta Infrastructure & Transportation

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