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A petition signed by the People of Ryley to recall Nik Lee from his elected position 

on Council for the Village of Ryley, was hand-delivered to me,

the Chief Administrative Officer,

by Representative Recall Petitioner Mickey Wilson, 

on Tuesday, May 16, 2023.


Pursuant to Sections 240.7 & 240.8 of the Municipal Government Act, 

I have DETERMINED whether this Recall Petition was sufficient or insufficient 

in order to make a declaration to Council for the Village of Ryley, 

to the Community of Ryley, and to Councillor Nik Lee.


Therefore, I hereby DECLARE that the Petition to Recall Nik Lee 

as a Councillor for the Village of Ryley is SUFFICIENT... 


Through democratic action by the People of Ryley, 

Nik Lee ceases to be a Councillor for the Village of Ryley 

as of this moment, and his seat on Council is now vacant.


Under the Municipal Government Act, pursuant to Section 162,

Council must hold a by-election to fill this vacancy. 

And pursuant to Section 165, unless Council sets an earlier date, 

election day is 120 days after today, on Wednesday, September 27, 2023.


It would be appropriate at this time, if it is the will of Council, 

to make a resolution to set a date to hold a by-election.

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