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In 1982, the Beaverhill Rural Crime Watch Association was incorporated to organize residents in western Beaver County, as Eyes & Ears supporting the RCMP. The Association mandate was to promote the concepts and principles of rural crime awareness and prevention in the area.

In 2009, Beaver County officials and the Association say the need for crime awareness throughout the region. As a result, Beaver County became a supporter for the Association principles for both rural areas and municipalities.

Both rural areas as well as villages and towns would be represented on the board from the towns and villages in Beaver County effectively bridging ‘urban’ and ‘rural’ needs – because Crime Knows No Boundaries.

The basic elements of Rural Crime Watch: education through schools and events, prevention through signage and reporting and Citizens on Patrol (CoP)

Beaverhill Crime Watch was instrumental in supporting the organization of new and existing CoP programs in the Spilstead, Lindbrook, Tofield, Ryley and Holden communities.

This effort is equally beneficial to residents and businesses in farm, acreage, village and town areas – by the Tofield Detachment.

The Role of the Beaverhill Rural Crime Watch
The Association is a registered non-profit society with bylaw provisions for an elected executive. Regular interim and annual general meetings are held throughout the area. The Association promotes awareness and prevention of crime, making whatever presentations are necessary and interested Organizations.

Support is solicited from corporations and service companies as well as the public operation in Beaver County and RCMP Tofield Detachment areas. Beaverhill RCW was one of the first member organizations formed in the Alberta Provincial Rural Crime Watch Association (APRCWA) and is still an active member.

The Fan-Out System
Internet-based systems allows communications with members in specific areas or the entire Region. Currently, members have the choice of receiving messages via fax, text or email delivery. Messages can also be found on the Association website at:

Membership is open to all residents and business principals residing or operating in the RCMP Tofield Detachment areas (including the Town of Tofield and Villages of Ryley and Holden). This also includes adjacent areas. All applicants are subject to approval by the Board with verification by a minimum of 2 members.

Membership Registration – $10.00
(Member card-photo option and decals + information and brochures)
Annual Fan-Out Fee – $10.00

For more information please email: