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5103-49 Street
Hall Phone: (780)663-3607
Bookings: (780)663-3653

Ryley Community Centre has:

  • 8 foot long tables
  • Capacity for 400
  • Large dance floor
  • Piano available
  • Ice machine
  • Stereo system w/ C.D. Player, Tuner, IPOD Dock & TOA (microphones).
  • Heating & Cooling System
  • Basement available for small functions.


  • 2 large stoves w/ ovens
  • 3 large coolers
  • Dish Sanitizer
  • Wine glasses
  • Dishes for 400
  • Microwave
  • Deep freezer available

Price List:

  • $500 (1 day rental)
  • $750 (2 day rental)
  • $850 (3 day rental)
  • $100 (Kitchen Only)
  • $200 (Meeting upstairs)*
  • $300 (Meeting upstairs w/ kitchen)*
  • $100 (Meeting downstairs)*
  • $200 (Meeting downstairs w/ kitchen)*

Local Non-Profit Organizations receive 30% off regular Rental rates above.
$50 (Kitchen Rental for Village Market Lunch)
$300 (Funeral- Billed through Funeral Home) [Includes Downstairs (for family), Upstairs, & Kitchen (for “Lunch” – No Ovens)]

Damage Deposit – Due at the time of booking. 50% Non-refundable, if canceling rental.

$300 Damage Deposit, a full day rental and when using kitchen.

$100 Damage Deposit, a meeting without kitchen.

*Meeting consist of 4 hours or less.
**All donated rentals must pay any damage deposit cost before rental date.

Cleaning cost for a normal full day hall rental is considered to be 4 hours or less. Any charges over and above the 4 hours will be billed to the renter at $30.00 per hour to recover costs. Any costs to repair or replace items damaged or taken from the hall will be billed to the renter at the cost of the item plus any administration or labour charges that may apply. (ie: If it takes staff two hours to make calls, write letters or book repair services – renter will be billed two hours at the general administration fee rate of $30.00 per hour.)

For more information or to book the Ryley Community Centre, please contact the Village Office at (780)663-3653Click here to view Floor Plan