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The mission of the Community Together Program is to create and build a strong network for all community members. We are committing to keeping you informed and connected, which is proving increasingly valuable as we all work through this current change in the ways we work, interact and live within our community.
Community Together is a voluntary membership program for both individuals and families as a way for us all to help look after each other. We recognize that we all are being impacted in one way or another by the COVID-19 pandemic and there are people who may not have access to the basic needs of a healthy life and many people who are looking for ways to help and may not know exactly how they can within our own community.
We want to proactively provide support in a variety of ways to ease the challenges being felt in our community with a focus on being aware of the most vulnerable who may want or need our help the most.

What kind of assistance can Community Together provide?

  • Well-being check-ins, social connection
  • Needs assistance for individuals/families with low income due to COVID-19
  • Delivery of groceries, prescriptions, household goods
  • Provide information and/or referrals to a variety of social services
  • Communication and updates on Provincial and Local health and safety regulations and recommendations
  • Volunteer opportunities to help keep our minds and bodies active

For more information on available assistance or to refer someone in need, please contact the Community Together Programmer at (780)663-3653 or email

Our goal is to see Community Together grow and evolve into a dynamic and exciting community group, bringing together individuals, families, organizations and businesses. Even though we are distanced right now, we can all work together and be the example of a COMMUNITY TOGETHER.

If you would like to be a part of Community Together, heres how:

Option 1) Fill out form below and click Sign Up Now!


Option 2) Visit the Ryley Municipal Office and ask to join Community Together

Community Together Privacy Statement

Any personal information collected by Community Together will be held under strict privacy regulation and not shared with any other programs or services including other but not limited to Ryley Municipal Office files. In some cases, we may ask for further consent to share certain information. For example, address may be shared if goods have been requested for delivery or home services are being provided. Community Together and the Ryley Municipal Office will ensure FOIP Privacy Laws are followed and your privacy is respected. If you have questions or concerns about the collection of your information, please contact the Community Together Programmer at (780)663-3653 or email

Check out what we have worked on so far with our amazing volunteers! Click the link below.