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Beaver Foundation Media Release

“In the little village of Holden, AB, that boasts “The Charm of Country Living” as their slogan, one might be surprised to find leading-edge approaches to seniors wellness. Earlier this month, The Beaver Foundation, which operates seniors housing in this small rural community, passed a motion to approve prescribed cannabis smoking. The decision is definitely novel for Albertan communities, but not unprecedented. Cannabis use among seniors continues to grow and has been linked to major health benefits.”

Beaver Foundation provides well-maintained, affordable and adequate housing accommodation and care for seniors and low-income individuals, through the operation of 4 lodges and 5 self-contained facilities. The Beaver Foundation facilities are located with in Beaver County, which include The Town of Tofield, Village of Ryley, The Village of Holden and The Town of Viking.

Beaver Foundation is one of the few Management bodies that has retained smoking rooms within 2 of the lodges it operates, Holden Lodge and Vialta Lodge in Viking. Although both lodges currently allow smoking in the designated indoor smoke rooms, only Holden Lodge will be approved for smoking and vaping use of medical Marijuana. Once legislation is approved on October 17th, 2018, Holden lodge smoke room will allow non-prescribed marijuana use in the designated smoke room.

The village of Holden is conveniently located 30 minutes from four hospitals and provides many inhouse services.

For further information or to book a tour of Holden Lodge, please call

Owen Ligard, CAO
Beaver Foundation


Maria Shihinski, Manager
Holden Lodge


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