Solar Power Project for Ryley?

Council resolved December 17, 2019 to acquire a Solar Power System to achieve net-zero consumption of its municipal electricity. Presently, the Village pays $14K annually for electricity plus $5K for distribution and service charges. If the Ryley Community is supportive of this project then Council will move forward. The Ryley Solar Power System would be built on the East side of the lagoon and it would generate enough power to offset our $14K annual electricity usage. The project has been approved for a grant of $105K from the Alberta Municipal Solar Program (AMSP).

The system would cost the Village $175K for a 30-year plant. After repaying the financing of that $175K, the $14K savings would realize approximately $12K for the Ryley Annual Budget (after $2K annually for maintenance on the plant). Of course, Ryley would be contributing to a greener world even if we realized zero savings.

A Public Information Session will be held in Ryley at 6-8pm on Thursday 13 February, 2020. All documentation and reports for this project can be found here:


DANDELION Ryley Committee Presentation



Village of Ryley Ground Mount – AMSP Funding Agreement