Highway 14 Water – Water Facility Upgrades

September 25, 2020

Highway 14 Water – Water Facility Upgrades

Water mains need to be shut down and residents on 54 avenue, everywhere north of 54 avenue, plus 50 street between 53 avenue and 54 avenue (Clean Harbors is North) will be affected by this water interruption. It is suggested that each household make available to them a sufficient water supply to facilitate their needs during these interruptions.

We anticipate the water service to be interrupted for a maximum of 10 hours, beginning at 8:00am on Tuesday, September 29, and ending at 6:00pm the same day.

Highway 14 Water staff and its contractors will make every reasonable effort to keep the duration of this interruption to a minimum and during daytime working hours however it is not guaranteed.

We apologize for the inconvenience and greatly appreciate your patience.

Sincerely, Evan Clay, Operations Supervisor

Emergency Water Shut Off

Due to the road work on 54 ave there has been a water line break/leak. There will be a minimum water shutdown for 6 hours September 10, 2020. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Covid-19 Throat Swab

September 4, 2020

Covid-19 Throat Swab

Asymptomatic testing is now available in the town of Tofield.  This is testing for people without symptoms and no recent travel outside Canada.  The reasons Alberta Health is encouraging this is to develop a baseline for patients that would be contagious without symptoms and to screen the public for early detection to prevent larger outbreaks.  This is being provided for the general public, employees, students or any other groups.

This testing is supported by Alberta Health and they pay for all testing.  It involves a 2 minute phone call to the pharmacy for pre-screen and to set an appointment time.  We set appointments to limit patient contact in our pharmacy.  Your appointment will take about 2 minutes at the pharmacy for a simple throat swab.  Results are available by accessing your myhealthrecords Alberta account or by calling the pharmacy in 5 to 6 days.  You are entitled to a throat swab screening every 14 days.

If you, your business or group is interested in this extra layer of safety please call one of the following pharmacy’s.

Guardian Pharmacy Tofield
5222 50 St.
Tofield AB

Tofield PharmaChoice
5119 50 St.
Tofield AB

Thank you for your consideration
Darren Erickson BSc. Pharmacy

Public Hearing for Land Use Bylaw

DRAFT LAND USE BYLAW NO. 2020-936 (Click Here)
The Village of Ryley wishes to adopt a new Land Use Bylaw to address future land use and development.
The Council for the Village of Ryley have scheduled a public hearing to consider arguments for and against the proposed bylaw to adopt the new LUB. The public hearing will be held on Tuesday, August 18, 2020 at 6 p.m., via video conference. You are invited to join the public hearing to express your views.
A copy of the proposed bylaw is available at request by contacting the Ryley Municipal Office during office hours or on-line at www.ryley.ca.
If you wish to speak at the public hearing, please register in advance by contacting the Ryley Municipal Office, attention Glen Hamilton-Brown, CAO at 780-663-3653 or at cao@ryley.ca. Written submissions may be provided to council during the public hearing; however, it is requested that a copy of the written submission be delivered to Glen Hamilton-Brown, CAO, at the Ryley Municipal Office or by e-mail on or before 4:00 p.m., August 13, 2020.
If you submit comments regarding the bylaw in writing, the information you provide may be made public, subject to the provisions of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.
Glen Hamilton-Brown, Chief Administrative Officer
Village of Ryley
Box 230, 5005-50 St.
Ryley, AB T0B 4A0


Highway 14 Regional Water has identified another leak on our Transmission Pipeline. The customers effected in the result of the water supply being shut off is everybody EAST OF RYLEY. The repair could take up to 24 to 36 hours.

Effective immediately Highway 14 Regional Water Services Commission is issuing a WATER DEMAND MEASURE C”.

Demand Measure C (Most Severe)

Regional reservoirs are forecasted to be below 35% of capacity within the next 5 days.

Conservation Measures

Municipalities: Complete ban on hydrant flushing, sewer flushing, park watering, fire-fighting training, and other non-essential use.

Customers: Complete ban on non-essential water use, conservation enforced.

Truck Fills: Complete ban on non-essential water use. The Ryley truck fill will remain open and all other truck fills east of Ryley will be shut down.

Thank you

Main Entrance Closure

Please note that on Tuesday, May 26 the main entrance will be closed off for CN maintenance. Please use east and west entrances. Will reopen once maintenance is complete.

PUBLIC HEARING: Municipally Controlled Corporation (MCC)




  • That the Village of Ryley has considered on May 5, 2020 the business plan adopted by Beaver Municipal Services (the “Business Plan”) and has approved the contents of it, in consideration of the decision in order to cause a corporation, to be called “Claystone Waste Ltd.”, (the “General Partner Corporation”) to be incorporated pursuant to the Business Corporations Act, which General Partner Corporation will act as the corporate entity to operate the registry office, and
  • That the Village of Ryley provides its notice of intention to hold a public hearing on Tuesday 16 June 2020, as required by Sections 75.1, 75.5, 230 and 606 of the Municipal Government Act and Section 3 of the Municipally Controlled Corporation Regulation, prior to causing the General Partner Corporation to be incorporated.

To be held June 16, 2020 at 7:00 pm in Ryley, Alberta

PURSUANT to sections 75.1, 75.5, 230 and 606 of the Municipal Government Act, Revised Statutes of Alberta 2000, Chapter M-26, as amended and Section 3 of the Municipally Controlled Corporation Regulation, A.R. 112/2019, the Council of the Municipality, in the Province of Alberta hereby gives notice of its intention to incorporate and control a corporation pursuant to the Business Corporations Act.

THE PURPOSE of the proposed Resolution is:

  1. Beaver County, Town of Tofield, Town of Viking, Village of Ryley and Village of Holden are the sole members of the Beaver Regional Waste Management Services Commission also known as “Beaver Municipal Solutions”, (the “Commission”);
  2. The Commission and the five municipal members, including the Municipality, wish to corporately reorganize the Commission, by transferring operations over to the proposed Claystone Waste Limited Partnership (the “New Waste Provider”), with these five municipalities being the sole partners in the New Waste Provider;
  3. As the New Waste Provider is a limited partnership, a new municipally controlled corporation shall be created pursuant to the Business Corporations Act (“BCA”) to act as the General Partner of the New Waste Provider, to be called Claystone Waste Ltd. (the “MCC”). The same five municipalities will also be the only shareholders of the MCC;
  4. The Municipality wishes to be a shareholder and jointly create and control the MCC under the BCA;
  5. Pursuant to both the terms of Division 9 of Part 3 of the Municipal Government Act (the “MGA”) and the Municipally Controlled Corporation Regulation (the “MCC Reg”), a municipality may only incorporate and control a corporation incorporated pursuant to the BCA if certain preliminary steps are taken, which include, but is not limited, to holding a public hearing as stated hereof;
  6. The Council of the Municipality wishes to comply with all obligations under the MGA and the MCC Reg to cause the MCC to be incorporated.

DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC, the Government of Alberta has enacted the Meeting Procedures (COVID-19 Suppression) Regulation pursuant to Order in Council 099/2020 (the “COVID Regulation”) to permit for electronic hearings to be held instead of in person hearings, in light of the global COVID-19 pandemic;

THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION will be disclosed at the public hearing:

  1. the services the corporation and the New Waste Provider intends to provide;
  2. the names of the five municipalities who will be the shareholders of the MCC;
  3. the geographic locations in and outside Alberta in which the corporation intends to provide services;
  4. the projected rate structure for the cost of service; and
  5. the market impact analysis of the New Waste Provider’s provision of services.

TAKE NOTICE THAT due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, Council has elected to hold the public hearing via an electronic procedure.  The following rules shall apply:

  1. Hearing Deliberation: The electronic public hearing will be structured such that all who choose to participate, shall have the right to hear all discussions and those who have pre-registered, can make oral submissions;
  2. Making Written Submissions: Written submissions will only be considered at the public hearing if they are emailed to info@Ryley.ca before the 15th day of June, 2020 at 3:00 pm. Any written submissions emailed or submitted after this date will not be considered;
  3. Pre-registration for speaking: Due to additional challenges imposed on conducting the hearing via electronic procedure (virtually), anyone who desires to make oral submissions at the hearing must pre-register via email to CAO@Ryley.ca no later than the 15th day of June, 2020 at 1:00 pm. Anyone who fails to pre-register prior to this deadline will not be permitted to speak.
  4. Speaking/procedure at hearing: We ask that:
    • All attendees mute their microphones in the video conference so the hearing will not pick up any ambient or distracting sounds from your location;
    • The only attendees who shall be permitted to provide oral submissions or speak at the hearing are:
      • those who have either pre-registered with the Municipality to speak; or
      • if the chair of the hearing has invited people to speak at the hearing.
  5. Improper Speaking/Disruption of hearing: In the event that someone speaks out of turn or is otherwise disruptive, the chair of the hearing reserves the right to remove that participant from the video conference meeting.

AND FURTHER TAKE NOTICE THAT in order to participate at the video conference meeting, the following options shall be the manner of accessing it:

  1. Participate through a Link in a Webpage: https://zoom.us/j/97548743791?pwd=TzBRUTNYUy9WT2VqaTd3TVpyTTFKQT09;
  2. Participate through the ZOOM Application: Prior to the video conference, download the app at https://zoom.us/download. When it’s time to join the video conference, enter Meeting ID 975 4874 3791 and Password 612200;
  3. Participate via Telephone (Audio Only): You may participate in the video conference by audio (no video) by joining via telephone at (778) 907-2071 and entering the Meeting ID and Password (same as above);
  4. Watch the Hearing via Facebook (Livestream): If you choose not to participate in the Video Conference, you may observe the hearing through internet livestream via the open Facebook Group – Village of Ryley.

AND FURTHER TAKE NOTICE THAT the materials to be discussed at the Public Hearing are accessible at the following link:


Additionally, pursuant to the COVID Regulation, anyone may instead request that these materials may be mailed, emailed or faxed to them.  Please contact info@ryley.ca to make this request.

DATED at the Village of Ryley in the Province of Alberta this 16th day of May, 2020.

School Closure Discussion

Letter from Ryley to the Education Minister and the MLA dated April 7, 2020

Council for the Village of Ryley intends to find a solution to keep High School in our Community


Presentation to BRSD delivered by Mayor & CAO on 27 February 2020 (PowerPoint Version)

Presentation to BRSD delivered by Mayor & CAO on 27 February 2020 (PDF Version)

Battle River School Division voted on 19 March 2020 to close Holden, combine Holden and Ryley Schools in Ryley, and remove Grades 10 to 12 (High School) from Ryley. This means there will be no school in Holden and Ryley will become Grades K-9 by September 2020. Council for the Village of Ryley is NOT okay with  this plan.


BRSD Public information can be found  here


Solar Power Project for Ryley?

After the Ryley Community expressed high interest in solar energy during our Public Survey of 2018, Council resolved on December 17, 2019 to acquire a Solar Power Generating System to achieve net-zero consumption of municipal electricity. Presently, the Village pays $14K annually for electricity plus $60K for distribution and service charges. As the Ryley Community demonstrated overwhelming support at the Open House held on February 13, Council confirmed and resolved on February 18, 2020 to move forward – Ryley is going solar net-zero!

The Ryley Solar Power Generating System will be built on the East side of the lagoon, and it will generate enough power to offset our $14K annual electricity usage. The project has been approved for a grant of $105K from the Alberta Municipal Solar Program (AMSP). FYI – as this project will be connected to the grid, we will always be required to pay for the distribution and service charges.

The basic operation is this: we will continue to consume (buy) electricity from the grid for our municipal buildings, the skating rink and the campground. At the same time, we will generate (sell) electricity back into the grid from the solar plant. Over a year, we would generate less electricity in winter and more in summer. It just so happens that Ryley is located in a peak solar exposure area within Alberta so this makes solar energy a great choice for us. Regulation does not allow us to gain a profit from our solar electricity so we will get a maximum credit to the total  amount of electricity that we consume. That said, any over-generation that we produce will offset other carbon producers by our very own Ryley green energy.

Our Ryley Solar Power Generation Plant will cost the Village $175K and has a life-cycle of 30-years ($280K total project cost minus $105K rebate from AMSP). The $14K annual consumption savings will realize approximately $12K after paying a $2K annual fee for warranty and lifetime 24/7 maintenance. Simple return of investment (ROI) looks like this: $175K / $12K = 14 1/2 years to pay for the project. Therefore, the remaining 15 1/2 years of life on the plant would yield a $12K savings on our annual budget. Of course, Ryley is contributing to a greener world even if we saw zero savings.

As electricity prices rise (or fall), we will be insulated because we will generate power and gain credit at equal price that we consume. We will also set aside money to rebuild the project in future. That would be the money saved over the last 15 years, which means we would realize savings immediately if we rebuild in 30 years. Otherwise, if we choose NOT to rebuild in 30 years, we would have those savings available for something else (of course, we would have much more than $12k x 15 years, having carefully invested those savings).

Further, Council will be considering and consulting the Ryley Comuunity on whether we should we exploit the special 2.4% rate at which, Municipalities can borrow… As such, we could realize an outstanding Investment Rate of Return (IRR) on the project and leverage those future savings against the present ROI by spreading the cost over the 30 years ($175K / 30 = $6K) and start investing the difference ($12K – 6K = $6K) much earlier to see a significantly bigger nest egg in 30 years. This is an oversimplified version of a complex economic principle for IRR that actually works out extremely well for this project.

All documentation and reports for this project can be found here:


DANDELION Ryley Committee Presentation



Village of Ryley Ground Mount – AMSP Funding Agreement