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Follow Up Letter March 2022

Quote from CAO Ron Cust - 


"On behalf of the Mayor, I am providing the letter from the Minister of Municipal Affairs regarding the Petition filed in 2021.

In the letter the Minister provided instructions regarding next steps that must be undertaken:

  • address concerns respecting meeting procedures and council's authority to act, the Minister suggested the village would benefit from a roles and responsibilities workshop conducted by ministry staff during a meeting open to the public. (Your CAO has contacted the Ministry and requested that today.)

  • The Minister suggested that the Village of Ryley council should consider developing protocols to assist with collaborative and community relationships. (That supports the work that Smith Consulting has completed already)

  • The Minister also indicated that support may be available to the village through the Alberta Community Partnership Grant under the Collaborative Governance Initiative. (This administration will explore this in the upcoming weeks)

  • The Forensic Audit when completed must be submitted to the Minsters office upon receipt."

Letter Recieved January 2022

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