• 2021-03-18
  • 4:00 PM
  • Ryley Municipal Office 5005-50 St.

About WECAN Food Basket

The WECAN Food Basket Society operates as a “warehouse without walls” – we buy all our food in bulk and distribute it to our community based depots. Volunteers staff the depots located throughout the Edmonton and surrounding area. Once a month, volunteer drivers pick up the food from our supplier, The Grocery People Warehouse, and take it to the depots. Our volunteers then count, sort and pack the baskets ready for pick up.

WECAN Mission Statement

The WECAN Food Basket Society provides families and individuals with food security by giving them the opportunity to purchase nutritious food at an affordable price.

The Program in Tofield-Ryley

Members prepay for their food baskets by the first Friday of each month by depositing their order envelope: (Tofield) in the book depository at the Tofield Municipal Library, or (Ryley) in the mail slot at the Village of Ryley Office. Then, orders can be picked up on the third or fourth Thursday of the month (see table at right) at (Tofield) Bardo Lutheran Church, or (Ryley) Ryley Municipal Office.

A WECAN Food Basket consists of…

Fresh food is the staple of any healthy diet. Our food offering is:
Meat Order ($15): 2-3 cuts of frozen meat,
Produce Order ($10): 3 types of fresh vegetables and 3 kinds of seasonal fruit

Members can order whatever quantity of each order they would like, for example:
2 produce + 1 meat = $35 OR 2 meat + 1 produce = $40

Members prepay for their food basket on or by the first Friday of each month. Check Calendar above for exceptions to orders and pick up dates.
Membership is $5 per year: Apr 1 to Mar 31.

If you want to order you have several options:
a. E-transfer to tofieldwecan@gmail.com
b. Drop through the mail slot at the Ryley Municipal Office 5005-50 Street
Place your cash in an envelope with your name, phone number and order, then drop in the letter slot in Village Office door by 4:00 Friday
c. Go to WecanFood.com and place your order online.

Please put your name, phone number and how many meat and produce orders you would like along with the cost on the front of the envelope. We encourage you to use your unused utility bill envelopes. RECYCLE!

Pick-up at: Ryley Municipal Office Thursdays 3:15 pm to 4:15 pm

Tofield Depot:
Payment at: Tofield Municipal Library 5407-50 Street
Place your cash in an envelope with your name, phone number and order, then drop in the book return slot
Pick-up at: Bardo Lutheran Church 4737-57 Ave Thursdays  3:00 pm to 5:00 pm

PLEASE NOTE: FOOD ORDERS THAT ARE NOT PICKED UP WILL NOT BE REFUNDED. WECAN reserves the right to sell unclaimed baskets or distribute them to families in need.

For more information call:
WECAN Food Basket Society of Alberta 780-413-4525 Website: www.wecanfood.com Or email the Tofield-Ryley Depot at: TofieldWECAN@gmail.com

A grant for our volunteer driver generously provided by: Beaver Municipal Solutions

Click here to see flyer.

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