Please tell us what you think about Ryley developing a High School Program of its own now that the Battle River School Division has decided to remove Grades 10-12 from Ryley HIgh School.

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  • Hambro

    The Village of Ryley would like to research options to deliver a quality and community focused school program because the BRSD does not recognize the value of Rural Communities and continues to centralize schooling to more Urban settings. This makes longer bus rides for students and it creates difficulties for families trying to coordinate different children in different schools. Council for he Village of Ryley believes there must be a better way based on a community solution. What do you think?

    • Linda Hunt

      I live outside the village and just had this forum brought to my attention. I wonder if there is a broader platform that could be used to start the discussion and find interest? Like maybe the Ryley and Holden school parent councils could send a notice to their parents?

      • Hambro

        That’s a great idea Linda. We want to work with these two groups for sure. As for you living outside the Village, this does not matter as this project is meant to fill a gap for High School somewhere in the middle of Beaver County to complement the Ryley-Holden Gr K-9, so this same community footprint can enjoy a full K-12 program without having the senior kids travel a ridiculous distance and families can enjoy the benefits this would bring.

  • Cassandra

    I would love to keep all our kids together as they have all grown up together. I’d be interested in the outcome of finding a solution for this. It seems as though BRSD has no interest in the well being of Holden/Ryley and surrounding area kids at all. They just care about their city kids. I’m appalled at how they have handled every situation regarding our communities and would be glad to be rid of them.

  • Brian Strilchuk

    The Village of Ryley is kidding themselves if they think the people in the Ryley-Holden area can afford to support a Charter or Private School. It would be nice, but it would cost the parents a pile of money and there just isn’t the enrollment numbers to make it feasible. And bitching to the BRSD that they aren’t treating our area fairly (which is partially true) isn’t going to change their minds, as they have to work within their budget and that means cutting their operating costs.
    However, as much as I hated to see the Holden school close and Ryley lose their high school, my greater concern is that in a few years Ryley school will be shutdown completely and we won’t even have K to 9.
    Therefore, in my opinion the Village of Ryley should be cutting their operating costs and start putting the bulk of their landfill revenues (which are averaging over $660,000 per year) into creating some incentives for people to locate in Ryley and subsequently increase the Village population and student enrollment. With the landfill revenue Ryley has more than enough surplus income to reduce property taxes to near zero for both business and residential properties, and people will come if the cost of living or doing business in Ryley is less than any other place in Alberta. In recent years Ryley has gone downhill (the same as many other rural Alberta municipalities ), and that is sad because Ryley has the financial capability to buck this trend. But, in order for that to happen Ryley needs to quit pretending that “everything is OK” and pull out all the stops to make the Village a better place to live and invest. It can be done, but it isn’t going to happen if Ryley keeps chasing rainbows and blaming their problems on somebody else. Ryley needs to quit going full speed ahead while looking in the rear-view mirror!

    • Linda Hunt

      Charter schools receive 100% funding from the province. They operate as their own school and division. There is only one charter school in Alberta that is rural, the rest are in cities. The rural charter is a small school in the Peace that the school division no longer wanted to fund, and yet they have been successful as a charter. Remember that Holden school has enough students to stay open.

      We investigated the reasons that we lost so many students in the past 5 years, and most of them were do to discipline and staffing issues at the school which are responsibilities of the division. Also the current grade 11 class has always been small and caused all sorts of issues throughout their school life including combined classes through elementary. Enrollment jumps back up to our normal after he graduates.

      The administration expenses are capped at just over 3% of the total expenses of the division. By dipping into reserves the division was able to keep their expenses high enough to not have to cut administration, but this meant that there is little left to carry our school while my son’s small class graduates. So they protected the administration at the expense of our community and our kids. That is not okay.

  • Stephanie Clark

    As a parent and teachers assistant to the future children of Ryley and Holden I’m very interested in finding a way to keep our kids here. I graduated from Ryley high school and believe there is huge potential for our community if we think outside the box. Let’s give it a try! I also really appreciate how hands on Ryleys CAO is in all this. Come on Ryley if we can stick together through Covid we can do what needs to be done to make this happen

  • Christa Winsnes

    A huge kudos to the Council and parents for taking on this initiative. I fully support this idea. The lack of communication and consultation of BRSD with parents is not the way these types of working relationships should work.

  • Rosalynd Cameron

    I support any option that keeps our kids in our community! I feel that the school board has little to no regard for our opinions or the welfare of our children. We seem to be pawns to them that are shuttled about without any care or concern. I sincerely hope that we can provide an alternative to our kids, they have suffered enough upheaval and disregard from BRSD.

  • Sherri-Ann Vanstone

    I support the idea as well if it keeps our children in our own town. Kudos to the ones that are taking this project on.

  • Vicky Vasconcelos

    This is a great idea. Our family supports it and cant wait to see what can be done. It would be nice to have the kids together and be done with BRSD.

  • Gloria Bourke

    Sure hope we can all do something to keep our kids altogether , they all want to be together none of the siblings want to be split, and I know they want to be with there friends.

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