The Village of Ryley is requesting one member of the public to sit on an Ad-Hoc Steering Committee to help the Village create a Municipal Development Plan. The public member will be serving on the committee with members of Council and Administration, as well as MDP consultants for the project, Strategic Steps.

Interested applicants are requested to email or submit a letter of interest to the Village CAO at prior to August 3, 2018

Interested applicants should be prepared to consider long-range planning decisions and practices designed to set the stage for the next 50 years of planning and development in the Village of Ryley!  Previous municipal, business or land planning and development experience are solid assets to bring to the committee.

The Municipal Development Plan steering committee will help Village MDP Consultants Strategic Steps to develop ideas and concepts, coordinate public awareness events such as open houses and workshops, have important dialogue with the public on future development trends, and help establish a successful plan for future growth in Ryley.

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