September 4, 2020

Covid-19 Throat Swab

Asymptomatic testing is now available in the town of Tofield.  This is testing for people without symptoms and no recent travel outside Canada.  The reasons Alberta Health is encouraging this is to develop a baseline for patients that would be contagious without symptoms and to screen the public for early detection to prevent larger outbreaks.  This is being provided for the general public, employees, students or any other groups.

This testing is supported by Alberta Health and they pay for all testing.  It involves a 2 minute phone call to the pharmacy for pre-screen and to set an appointment time.  We set appointments to limit patient contact in our pharmacy.  Your appointment will take about 2 minutes at the pharmacy for a simple throat swab.  Results are available by accessing your myhealthrecords Alberta account or by calling the pharmacy in 5 to 6 days.  You are entitled to a throat swab screening every 14 days.

If you, your business or group is interested in this extra layer of safety please call one of the following pharmacy’s.

Guardian Pharmacy Tofield
5222 50 St.
Tofield AB

Tofield PharmaChoice
5119 50 St.
Tofield AB

Thank you for your consideration
Darren Erickson BSc. Pharmacy

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