• March 26, 2018
  • 6:00 PM

The next meeting date will be March 26, 6pm at the Ryley Municipal Office. The public is welcome to attend these committee meetings, but only as an observer. Committee members are: Stan Yuha, Michael Simpson, Lyndie Nickel, Lori-Jo Pope, Cyndy Heslin, Mathew Kowalski, Annette Short, Lorraine Williams. If you have questions, please leave your contact information at the Village office, and a member will respond.

CHCRC is now accepting grant application from local and area non-profit organizations.
Deadline is March 16, 2018.
You can drop off your application at the Ryley municipal Office.

Funds available for 2018 applications: $25,000
According to the Terms of Reference, the committee members make decisions based on whether the group or activity is a “recreational, leisure, community resource or program” and that it “enhances the overall general well-being of residents”.


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