Ryley School
5211-52 Avenue
Box 26, Ryley, Alberta T0B 4A0
Phone: (780) 663-3682
Fax: (780) 663-3804

Ryley School is grades 7 to 12. For more information please see their website at http://www.brsd.ab.ca/school/ryley/Pages/default.aspx

Ryley students for Kindergarten to grade 6 get transportation to the Village of Holden Elementary School. Bus drop off and pick up is located at the Ryley school.

Holden Elementary School
5335-50 Ave
Box 70, Holden, Alberta T0B 2C0
Phone: (780) 688-3858
Fax: (780) 688-2000

Kindergarten to grade 6. Students in Ryley catch a bus that takes them to Holden. Bus pick up and drop off is located at the Ryley School. For more information please see their website at http://www.brsd.ab.ca/school/holden/Pages/default.aspx

Ryley Pre-school
Ryley Good News Community Church basement 5111-54th Avenue
Box 8, Ryley, AB, T0B 4A0
Phone: (780) 663-3664
Information: Larissa (780)878-1751 or Email: darlar@live.ca

Preschool age Program for 3 to 5 year olds. Our Philosophy: At Ryley Community Preschool, we provide a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment for ALL children. We allow the children to express themselves through language, creativity and physical activity, by providing an environment that is challenging, and fun. Our Staff: Our teachers are dedicated and energetic. They set the stage for lifelong learning and encourage the development of positive social skills that children will master as they grow. Out staff are fully qualified early childhood educators. They participate in on-going professional development activities and workshops to stay current with educational trends and to adapt to the changing needs of modern children and families.

Our Vision: Open door policy, developmentally appropriate curriculum and partnership with parents.

Parent Involvement: Parents are expected to volunteer once a month. Parents time in the program is to initiate interactions with all children via shared reading, storytelling, hands on activities, assist in helping children get the most out of circle time, classroom chores etc.

Sample Day Routine: Creative Play; puzzles, blocks, play dough and reading. Circle Time; songs, and stories, plus lively discussions about the weather, calendar, theme of the week and basic early learning concepts. Snake Time; time to re-energize and socialize. Creative Play; painting, crafts and activities. Active Paly; climbing, ride-on toys and games.